MSA V-Gard 930 Vented Fas-Trac III Foam White Helmet c/w Grey Stickers Fitted


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Helmet Features:
• Made of ABS for strength and lateral crush protection (EN397 LD option) 
• Modern, dynamic and sports styled shell 
• Channel around perimeter of the helmet diverts rain and debris from user 
• Ventilation holes placed for optimized airflow 
• Anti-static assembly; certified electrostatic-INERIS for use in ATEX/explosive environments 
Suspension Features:
• 6-point Fas-Trac III ratchet suspension with premium washable and replaceable sweatband 
• Head straps in woven polyester providing high comfort and long term, consistent, shock absorption performance 
• Balance and stability with a lower nape strap 
• Comfort pad to separate the ratchet from the head increasing comfort and cooling airflow 
• Ratchet offers smooth rotation 
• Easy grip knob adjustable even with gloves 
• Three levels of nape height adjustment giving superior nape fit 
Over Spectacle Features: 
• Integrated over spectacles fit over most corrective lenses by sliding adjustment of the suspension and offer premium anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses (EN166 K+N option)
• Intelligent adjustment and innovative rubber seal to ensure gap free eye protection on the face 
• Grip area with rail system for quick and easy lens stowing even with gloves 
• Tool free over spectacle replacement 
• Panoramic, natural field of view 


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