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Senko Single Gas Personal Monitors

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The SGT-P is a single replaceable gas detector, innovatively designed for monitoring oxygen levels and detecting the presence of various toxic gases in ambient environments. This device is particularly tailored for industries where monitoring air quality for safety is crucial.

Technical Specifications and Features


SGT-P specializes in detecting a range of gases including hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen, sulphur dioxide, and oxygen. It is adept at identifying both oxygen deficiency and enrichment, making it a versatile tool for diverse industrial settings.

Sensor and Battery

The core of the SGT-P’s functionality lies in its replaceable gas sensor and battery system. This feature not only ensures continuous monitoring but also extends the device’s lifespan and reliability.

Alert System

Upon detecting gas concentrations that exceed pre-set alarm points, the SGT-P alerts users through a combination of LED lights, vibration, and an audible alarm. This multi-faceted warning system is crucial for immediate and effective hazard communication.

Display and Controls

The device is equipped with an LCD display that shows real-time gas concentrations and other vital information. Users can power the device on and off as needed and configure settings via an exclusive IR Link.

Construction and Portability

Encased in a rubber enclosure, the SGT-P is designed for durability. It is compact and lightweight, with dimensions of 54mm(W) x 91mm(H) x 32mm(D) and a weight ranging between 93g and 104g (including battery and clip), depending on the gas type it is detecting.

Temperature and Humidity Range

The device operates effectively in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, accommodating various industrial environments.

Safety Compliance and Approvals

SGT-P is compliant with several international safety standards, including ATEX, IECEx, and INMETRO. These certifications attest to its suitability for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and its reliability in hazardous conditions.

Additional Features and Accessories

  • Event Log: The device can log the most recent 30 alarm events, aiding in safety audits and incident analysis.
  • Operating Life: It offers a significant operating life of 24 months, assuming an average of 2 minutes of alarm per day.
  • Accessories: Optional accessories include an external sampling pump (SP-Pump101), SENKO-IR Link, and a docking station for enhanced functionality.


  • Replaceable type (sensor and battery)
  • Power on / off available
  • Excellent water / dustproof structure
  • Automatic checking of the sensor trouble
  • High-performance audible and vibrating alarm
  • Automatic logging of 30EA events
  • Easy configuration and data management through IR Link
  • Easy calibration through Docking Station

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