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Senko 2 Year Disposable Single Gas Detector

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  • SGT

The SENKO SGT is a single-gas personal monitor designed to provide reliable and straightforward protection against various hazardous gases. This two-year disposable device is crafted for individuals operating in environments where gases like hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen, sulphur dioxide, and oxygen levels pose potential risks.

Technical Specifications and Features

SGT Model Capabilities

The SGT model effectively monitors a range of gases using an electrochemical cell. It operates continuously for two years with minimal maintenance, making it a practical choice for ongoing safety monitoring. The device is equipped with an LCD display, featuring back-light for clear visibility in different lighting conditions.

Sensor and Alarm Functionality

High-sensitivity sensors deliver real-time readings with precise resolution (e.g., 0.1ppm for H2S), ensuring accurate detection of gas concentrations. The device comes with user-selectable alarm levels, which can be adjusted via the SGT IR Link and PC software, enhancing its adaptability to various work environments.

Durability and Design

Built to endure harsh industrial conditions, the SGT detector offers robust protection against ingress with an IP66/IP67 rating. Its compact and lightweight design, comprising polycarbonate and rubber, ensures ease of use and portability.

Data Logging and Configuration

The device logs the 30 most recent events, providing a vital record for safety compliance and incident analysis. Users can customize parameters, including calibration levels and alarm set points, through an IR link interface.

Compliance and Warranty

The SGT model adheres to stringent safety standards, with ATEX II and ECEx certifications, ensuring its suitability for hazardous areas. It comes with a two-year warranty, covering manufacturing defects and performance issues.


Additionally, the SGT-P Series offers the option of sensor or battery replacement after its two-year lifespan. This variant features an easy-to-navigate menu and clear malfunction indicators, enhancing user experience. It is compatible with the Docking Station II and IR-Link communication, facilitating efficient calibration and data management.


  • Disposable type (no sensor or battery change)
  • Operates continuously for two years
  • Excellent water / dustproof structure
  • Automatic checking of the sensor trouble
  • High performance audible and vibrating alarm
  • Automatic logging of 30EA events
  • Easy configuration and data management through IR Link
  • Easy calibration through Docking Station

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