Ensures EH40 Compliance

The XD One’s customisable alarms allow the user to set TWA and STEL values to match the EH40 workplace exposure limit for the type of substances that they are likely to encounter in a given environment; providing preventative protection while awaiting results of gravimetric sampling.

Almost Zero Maintenance

With no filters and no pumps there is no messing around. The automatic and on-demand self-test routine takes 5 seconds. The one-minute compliance test is required typically every 3-6 months. That’s it. No return-to-base servicing, or complicated set-up, cleaning, or calibration routines

Personal, Portable, Mountable

The XD One is a self-contained unit with no tubes, sampling heads, impactors, pumps, or filters. It weighs only 450g and has a 16+ hour battery life. We offer a full range of mounting options for walls, poles, cabs, and on the body, including on the chest for the Oronasal Sampling Zone.

Real-Time Data Readout with BreatheLITE

Free BreatheLITE software provides live data readout and full data analytics through your laptop or computer. This allows site teams to monitor and identify hazardous times of day and experiment with control methods; letting them develop and implement safer practices for the immediate environment faster.


  1. Anti-static open-path particulate flow-path allows free flow of air through the unit and gives XD One it’s incredible accuracy and durability – whether detecting microscopic but dangerous particulates or in heavy dust load environments.
  2. No pump, no pre-filtering, no impactor, no tube and no internal filter – XD One detects the real content of particulates in the space, constantly monitoring Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) in real time.
  3. Advanced algorithm processes 10,000 particulates/second providing real-time, highly accurate information to save lives.
  4. Multi-parameter detection points and wide scatter-zone chamber allows XD One to monitor every particulate flowing through the unit.


Is continuous real-time monitoring a regulatory requirement?

While real-time monitoring is not currently a regulatory requirement, many of the standards and regulations state that the best available monitoring technology should be employed when hazardous dust is a potential threat to life.

Part of regulators’ reluctance to specify real-time monitoring has been that it has been difficult and complicated to achieve. However, with the XD One, this is no longer the case.

How does the XD One improve compliance?

The IOSH Construction Dust industry survey indicates that 90% of workers will deviate from the prescribed working methods after a dust survey has been carried out.

Distractions happen, so in our view, the presence of an alarmed system that continuously monitors the fluctuating levels of particulates serves to refocus everyone to the present health threat and the importance of adhering to practices developed and implemented to protect workers’ life-long health.

Can the XD One identify specific types of dust?

The XD One was not designed to replace gravimetric sampling but instead was specifically designed to monitor the levels of all airborne particulate matter so as to be as versatile as possible.

Any dust within the respirable fraction is dangerous. Yes there are different levels of danger and of course when it is necessary to know in detail what the constituent parts of the dust in the working environment, support a full survey, but a clear, easily accessible, real-time response to STEL and TWA limits is critical to keeping people safe and that is what the XD One provides.


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