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Dräger Pac 8000 Single Gas Detector

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Strong Performance for Maximum Safety

  • Reliable Precision: The Dräger Pac 8000 offers dependable, accurate readings even under extreme conditions.
  • Advanced Sensors: Features powerful sensors with a low t-90 response time for quick reactions.
  • Customizable Alarms: Standard alarms are supplemented with additional thresholds for TLV®/TWA and STEL, enhancing safety measures.

Sensors for Special Gases

  • Wide Range of Detectable Gases: Equipped to handle gases like CO₂, Cl₂, HCN, NH₃, NO₂, PH₃, and OVs.
  • Low-Level Detection: Exceptional in detecting low concentrations of ozone (O₃), phosgene (COCl₂), and nitrogen dioxide (NO₂).

Robust Design for Tough Conditions

  • Durable Build: Capable of operating in extreme conditions, tolerating air pressures between 700 and 1,300 mbar.
  • IP68 Standard: Shock-proof, chemical-resistant housing with a protective membrane filter for dust and liquid intrusion.

Easy Handling with Clear User Guidance

  • D-Light Functionality: Indicates device readiness and operational status.
  • Color-Coded Safety: Each sensor variant is clearly color-coded to minimize errors.

User-Friendly Display

  • Non-Verbal Large Display: Shows gas concentration and other vital information like battery capacity.
  • Backlit Screen: Ensures readability in dark environments.

360° Alarm with Various Functions

  • Comprehensive Alarm System: Audible, visual, and vibrating alarms for high gas concentrations.
  • Peak Concentration Display: Records and displays peak levels and past alarms.

Data Logger and Event Logger

  • Efficient Data Management: Logs data with timestamps for analysis and reporting.
  • Gas Detection Connect System: Offers cloud-based access to data logs via integrated X-dock stations.

Bluetooth® Communication

  • Wireless Connectivity: Enables transmission of live measurement values to the Dräger Gas Detection Connect system.
  • OpenGATT Protocol: Allows integration into third-party applications.

Economical Operational Costs

  • Long-Lasting Components: Equipped with durable Dräger sensors® and a robust battery.
  • Self-Maintainable Filter: Easily replaceable membrane filter for operational longevity.

Fast Function Test for Efficiency

  • Quick Calibration: Efficient function tests and calibrations via Dräger X-dock® station.
  • Cost-Effective Operation: Short test duration and low test gas consumption in bump tests.


  • Gas inflow from the top and front
  • Unlimited instrument life
  • Easy sensor replacement
  • No-text display (no language problems)
  • Continuous concentration display
  • Visual alarm/Audible alarm/Vibration alarm
  • Two adjustable alarm thresholds
  • Adjustable TWA alarm/Adjustable STEL alarm
  • Display of peak concentration
  • Battery pre- and main alarm
  • Adjustable bump test interval/Adjustable bump test mode
  • Password-protected menu for fresh air and sensitivity calibration
  • IR interface
  • Individual instrument configuration/data logging
  • Replaceable battery

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